Monday, June 1, 2009

Ready...Set...WAIT! No, DON'T Wait!

Have you ever played "On your mark...Get Set....Wait!" with your kids? Or, "Red Light, Green Light"? I know my husband and I have done this, and are learning as time goes by that this isn't a bad lesson for our kids to get in the world we live in today. I'm thinking I wish someone had played "ready set wait!" with me a bit more when I was a kid, so I might be a bit more tolerant of the world I live in today - especially when it comes to the real estate/mortgage industry!

Monetizing the $8,000 tax credit
HUD Secretary Donovan opened mouth and insert foot at the National Association of Realtors convention in Washington, D.C., announcing a wee bit early that the guidelines had been changed so that eligible FHA home buyers could have their participating lenders "monetize" tax credit funds they are eligible for so that these buyers may use these funds to meet the minimum 3.5% down payment requirements on FHA home loans. I'm glad Secretary Donovan did this, because although this announcement and its associated Mortgage Letter were retracted until the fine nuances were ironed out, Friday May 29th a new letter was issued. So, eligible first time home buyers, call your lenders and see if they are participating with this program to make the funds available to you.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program
Well, finally, the waiting is coming to an end for some of these programs to be up and running for today's eligible Oregon home buyers to take advantage of. The Neighborhood Stabilization Program is just awaiting its final stamp of approval which should be coming through any day now. One segment of this program will be made available to home buyers who are looking to purchase bank-owned or privately financed properties that have been taken back through foreclosure proceeds. Matching down payment funds, closing costs and reasonable/eligible repair costs may be funded through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds - up to $50,000 per home!

Yes, you heard that right...GO! The Neighborhood Stabilization Program for Oregon is about ready to accept reservations. If you are a buyer who has gotten all your ducks in a row and are prepared to jump on this opportunity, DO IT NOW! Not many lenders and realtors have familiarized themselves with these program requirements, so you may be a bit frustrated when calling around about it. If you are looking to buy in Southern Oregon, call me and I can help you with your financing, and recommend you to Realtors who are knowledgeable about the program guidelines. Why the sense of urgency you may ask? Very limited funding allocation is available, and it's first come, first served, so the early birds will be catching this particular worm. I've been on the phone with all my eligible buyers and Realtor referral partners spreading the word, and would love to play a part in the successful outcome of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, which is to help eligible home buyers while getting foreclosed homes off the market.
Oregon is trying to get the $8000 "monetized" for non-FHA or non-participating lender programs by June 30, 2009, so get ready now!

See you at the closing table!
Karen Cooper - OR/CA Mortgage Consultant -

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